As a digital product designer I develop software for automotive engineers and designers to enhance the vehicle development process. Products range from VR/XR/3D applications to 2d web applications for data storage and filtering.
I usually work on it from beginning to end: from research and colloaborative workshops through to designing an interface and testing both prototypes and final application.

This is a selection of my work. Please keep in mind that due to protected data and information I can only show limited previews and insights.

Using AR & XR to augment physical prototypes with virtual data

Problem: Physical Prototypes cost a lot of money and time to produce. Once arrived, their data is already outdated.
Solution: Augment physical prototypes with virtual data to show the most recent data. The application consists of two parts - for the ones who prepare the data and those who only view it.

Collaborative Workshops // User Profiles & Scenarios // Task Flows // Interaction Concepts // UI Design // User Testing // Logo Design
Whiteboard & Post Its // Adobe XD // Adobe Illustrator // Adobe Photoshop // Unity 3D

Supporting automotive assembly trials through mixed reality

Problem: Engineers are dependant on physical models and need to wait for prototype parts to try out and plan assembly processes.
Solution: Use Mixed reality in combination with physical models to try out assembly of different parts earlier in the process. Application includes both the preparation and calibration of the scene and view mode.

Task Flows // UI Design // Interactive Prototyping // Logo Design
Adobe XD // Adobe Illustrator

Cloud-based Web Database for Interior Emission Data

Problem: The current database is incomplete, not covering the whole process and a lot of locally stored files are being used.
Solution: An up-to-date and more user-friendly cloud-based web application that includes all steps of the process and keeps track of progress.

Collaborative Workshops // Personas & Scenarios // User Story Mapping // User Story Writing & Backlog Keeping // Visual Design // Interactive Protoyping
Figma // Microsoft Powerpoint // Azure DevOps

Augmenting Video Data with virtual Data

Problem: Engineers spend a lot of time on night drives testing light functions.
Solution: Augment recorded video data with simulated virutal data to test light functions while on-premises.

Kickoff Designsprint // Collaborative Workshops // UI Design // Logo Design
Whiteboard & Post Its // Adobe Illustrator