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@ Volkswagen commercial Vehicles

Turning complex requirements into intuitive user interfaces for a responsive b2b web application for fleet management.

Please keep in mind that due to protected data and information you will find only limited previews and insights. Images contain mock or publicly available data.

Tasks & Responsibilities

As a UI designer I was part of a cross-functional agile development team responsible for creating the landing page, the maintenance monitoring and groups features. Daily business included creating Wireframes for both desktop and mobile screens, interactive prototypes and library components, as well as maintaining the design component library and establishing guidelines for a consistent styling.

Currently, as UI Chapter Lead I am responsible for establishing and maintaining processes, design tools and strategic design topics. Communicating and collaborating with our team of UX and UI designers, as well as Product Owners, Developers and other stakeholders - to ensure a cohesive product experience for business customers.


Figma & Figjam / Jira & Confluence / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop

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